Florida Man April 10 – The Saint With an Army of Turtles

Florida Man April 10 – The Saint With an Army of Turtles

Florida man April 10 brings you the most absurd stories you can think up. Some of these stories are allegations and have yet to be proven, but they most likely are if I know Florida man.

 If April 10 is your birthday keep reading to find out what Florida man was doing on your big day.


Florida Man April 10, 2020 – Wife’s Disappearance, Covered by CoronaVirus Death

Jupiter, Florida – a Florida man was accused of killing his wife after she disappeared. The Florida man claims that she died of the COVID-19 virus.

According to a witness, 51-year-old Gretchen Anthony sent a suspicious message last March 23. 

In the message, she stated that she is positive for the Coronavirus. She also said that she was confined in the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), police reported.

A later message from Gretchen sent to a different witness said that she had the virus and needed to be sedated and investigated by the CDC task force.

 Even her mother got a message saying she was on a ventilator at a local hospital.

When her family checked with Jupiter Medical Center, the hospital denied a patient under the name of Gretchen.

Police eventually went to see if Gretchen was at home but found no sign of her. 

Neighbors then reported some noise and a disturbing scream from the home, saying, “No, no! It hurts”.

According to the police report, when police entered the home, they found blood-stained towels and what appeared to be a murder scene.

In the bedroom, they found more evidence of blood.

Florida man David Anthony, 48, husband of the missing victim, was arrested in Las Cruces, Mexico, for his wife’s disappearance.

David’s friends stated that the two had been separated earlier that year and filed the divorce in February.

David Anthony is charged with second-degree murder and awaiting extradition to Palm Beach County, Florida.

Florida Man April 10

Florida Man April 10, 2020 – Self Proclaimed “Saint” Threatens to Unleash An Army of Turtles

Brevard County, Florida – On April 10, a Florida man screamed obscenities, called himself a saint, and threatened to unleash an army of turtles to destroy the world, a police report stated.

According to the police, police received several reports of a man disturbing the peace at a strip mall.

The Florida man, Thomas Devaney Lane, 61, was responsible for the disturbance. 

Witnesses reported that the man threatened to destroy everyone with his army of turtles. Yes, you read that right, turtles.

Police said that he repeatedly beat his hands and head against the walls while incarcerated.

Once released from the police station Lane found his way to a local 7-11.

There he began causing a scene immediately. He even dialed 911 and claimed to be a saint and threatened destruction by his turtle army again.

Lane was arrested again and charged with disturbing the peace, resisting arrest without violence, and misusing 911. He was held in Brevard County Jail and later released on bail.

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