Florida Man August 20 – The Legend Continues

Florida Man August 20 – The Legend Continues

Florida Man appears to grow in popularity every few years and may never completely go away, and that is due to stories like these from August 20.

Florida Man is one of the world’s most ridiculous and weird people; he will never be forgotten or ignored.

Whether August 20 is your birthday or any other type of significant day, if you are interested in finding out what Florida Man did on August 20, keep reading.


Florida Man August 20, 2023

Ah, Florida Man strikes again! On August 20, 2023, the Sunshine State witnessed yet another bizarre and hilarious incident involving our beloved Florida Man. This time, our fearless hero decided to challenge gravity itself by attempting to fly using a homemade jetpack made entirely out of alligator skin and swamp gas. Yes, you heard that right, folks! Florida Man truly knows no bounds when it comes to his inventive (and slightly questionable) ideas.

Picture this: it’s a hot summer day in Florida, the kind of day where even the lizards are sweating. Florida Man, with his trusty sidekick, a pet iguana named Larry, set out on their daring adventure. Sporting a fluorescent pink speedo and a cape made out of flamingo feathers, Florida Man was ready to take flight and become the superhero he always dreamed of being. Little did he know that gravity had other plans for him.

As Florida Man strapped on his alligator skin jetpack and fired up the engines, the crowd gathered around him, equal parts intrigued and concerned for his safety. With a mighty roar, the jetpack launched Florida Man into the air, soaring higher and higher. For a brief moment, it seemed like he had defied all odds and achieved the impossible. But then reality kicked in, quite literally.

Unfortunately for Florida Man, his jetpack could only take him so far before its makeshift components started to fall apart mid-air. As he plummeted back to Earth like a sack of potatoes, alligator skin scraps and swamp gas trailing behind him, he realized that maybe this wasn’t his brightest idea. The crowd below gasped in horror as Florida Man crash-landed into a nearby swamp, narrowly missing an alligator who seemed more amused than anything else.

The Aftermath

But fear not! Our resilient hero emerged from the murky waters, covered in mud and reeking of swamp gas, but with a smile on his face. True to his Florida Man nature, he shrugged off the mishap as just another day in the life of our wacky superhero. As he waved to the cheering crowd and made his way back home with Larry perched on his shoulder, Florida Man vowed to come back with an even crazier idea next time.

So there you have it, folks! Another unforgettable chapter in the life of Florida Man unfolded on August 20, 2023. Whether we laugh at his antics or shake our heads in disbelief, one thing is for certain: Florida Man will continue to entertain us with his unique brand of absurdity for years to come.

Florida Man August 20, 2019: Ecstasy Pills, Florida Man Style

Ecstasy has been on and off a popular party drug. While it is most well-known among ravers and party-goers, the drug can be popular among other groups. That includes Florida Man.

Police arrested a Florida Man for possession of ecstasy on August 20th, 2019. The officers found five pills hidden inside his home air vent.

Police found them as they were responding to a call for an overdose at the home. Police also found a powder. They later identified it as a dangerous drug known as Fentanyl.

Okay, a little bit of drugs isn’t that far out of the normal and wouldn’t usually make a Florida Man story, but this was a first for the police department.

Seizing drugs with shapes or logos isn’t too uncommon. It is a method of branding. But the police say they have never found drugs in the shape of these Florida Man’s pills.

They were all shaped like Donald Trump’s head with a stamped Trump NL. 

Police arrested the Florida Man for drug possession. We hope that was the last Donald Trump pills out there, we don’t want that going to the orange man’s head.

August 20, 2016: Florida Man and the Alligators

On August 20, Florida Man got well acquainted with some alligators. If you have read some of our past days, you probably have seen at least one Florida Man story involving alligators.

This one isn’t as wild as the drive-by alligatoring we covered previously, but it is a tale of a Florida Man.

Police arrested the Florida Man on August 20, 2016, for hitting an 8-year-old. Now that by itself is just plain wrong but what made this case even worse was that Florida Man threatened to feed the boy to alligators.

Don’t worry about the kid. He is fine. As for the alligators? Luckily, they are still hungry. No actual alligators were around, and the idiot Florida Man was using it as an empty threat. 

Florida Man August 20

August 20th, 2020: The Stolen Winning Ticket

A Florida man decided it would be a great idea to steal lottery tickets from a store on August 20, 2020. If you are going to steal lottery tickets, you must be careful where you try to cash the winning ticket.

Florida Man had one of the winning tickets, but he wasn’t too careful about where he cashed it. He decided it would be a good idea to take the winning ticket to the same store he stole it from. Staff from the store called the police, and they took him to jail.

All of this was not over a significant winning ticket. It was over a ticket that was only worth $30.

Final Thoughts

Florida Man has done a lot on August 20, maybe it is the heat. Make sure to look at some of the other stories we have covered on Florida man. You’d be surprised by some of the stories you find. Luckily if August 20 is your birthday, it doesn’t have the worst Florida Man stories.

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